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Skilled Riders Training with Coach Urs

Harley Davidson’s line up of Motorcycles such as Sportster, Cruiser, Adventure and Touring Bikes are increasingly popular in Malaysia as it offers a variety of choices to the customer depending on their needs. Whether it is zooming around the city, tackling long windy roads, or getting off the beaten path, Harley Davidson has got you covered.  

Responsible riding and road safety should be every rider’s top priority. We all want to ride, have fun and come home safely.

HOG Route77 H-D Kuala Lumpur recognizes the importance of this and organizes Skilled Riders Training (SRT) courses for HOG members, be it for first time Harley owners, new & existing HOG members, experienced riders -all are welcome to participate in this course. The SRT course is designed and endorsed by Harley Davidson.   

Our HOG Route77 H-D Kuala Lumpur Chapter Safety Officer,  Urs, has taken up the responsibility of conducting the SRT training courses exclusively for our HOG members.

SRT training courses are offered on a monthly, first come first serve basis, and will be announced in our official HOG R77 KL Chapter Bulletin in Whatsapp, Instagram and Facebook. Interested? Be sure to look for it.